If you’re wondering what the meaning of the name Anchor & Grace is, here you go. You may think that this ‘marriage’ thing you’re getting in to is all unicorns and rainbows, but there’s a deeper meaning to it all. I want to photograph your wedding, get to know you and have a good day with you both, but at the crux of it all I want your marriage to thrive. I want your lives together to be the best they can be, and I hope for you that you take this step with a lump in your throat, knowing that it’s more than just a piece of paper.



They say we spend our time and money on the things we care most about. Most people grow up with a subconscious (and natural) sense of selfishness. “Our time is our time, and our money is our money”, but marriage requires devotion, it requires us to be anchoredAnchor yourself in your relationship by devoting your time, money and emotions to your spouse, and do all you can to make sure your spouse knows they matter. Your last priority is now your first.

God made marriage. Whether you believe there is a God or not, I believe He made marriage, and He designed it in a very specific way. The connection that you and your spouse have is not just a coincidence, and it’s not at a surface level. Getting married is so much more. Marriage was made with the intention of two people putting God at the center of their relationship, joining lives and listening to what God wants for them. You should aim to be anchored in your relationship, but you should also be anchored in what you believe. Be intentional about it, and align yourselves on the same path.


Men want to be respected, and women want to be loved. Part of that is showing grace to each other. Extending grace to one another—even when life is busy and hard— is a big part of being able to stick together in the midst of trials. Men will feel respected when their small mistakes are responded to with love instead of anger, and women will feel more loved when their requests are met with a loving agreeance.  Extending grace means to silence your words over a few annoyances. It means you forget to throw that old mistake in their face during an argument. It’s important to make sure you have grace on hand at all times. It’s the super glue that holds a marriage together.

See life differently. You should expect to change the way you operate, and your spouse should become your top priority. You have a responsibility to help them feel like the bees knees. Make sure your definition of beauty is your spouse. Before marriage you may have gotten away with your wandering eyes, but not any longer. If your spouse is going to feel valued, beautiful and important, then make them the centre of your attention. Listen when they speak, respond when they ask, compliment them daily, buy flowers for no reason, take note of their likes and dislikes, and become wildly passionate about their interests and hobbies.